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This Party Getting Hot Lyrics | Jazzy B | Yo Yo Honey Singh

This Party Getting Hot Lyrics

“This Party Getting Hot” is a high-energy track featuring the dynamic collaboration between renowned artists Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh. With its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, the song is a perfect blend of Punjabi and contemporary music styles, sure to get any party rocking. Yo Yo Honey Singh, known for his innovative music production, brings his signature style to the composition of the track, while Jazzy B’s powerful vocals add depth and energy to the song.

Alfaz’s lyrical contributions further enhance the vibrant atmosphere of “This Party Getting Hot.” Produced by Dinesh Auluck and released under the label Jazzy B Records, the song promises to be a crowd favorite, igniting dance floors and setting the mood for unforgettable celebrations.

TitleThis Party Getting Hot
SingerJazzy B Feat. Yo Yo Honey Singh
Music ComposerYo Yo Honey Singh
Music ProducerYo Yo Honey Singh
Produced byDinesh Auluck
LabelJazzy B Records

This Party Getting Hot Lyrics

Yeh Yeh! (Honey Singh)
Jazzy B, Yo Boy, Yo Yo Honey Singh

Battiyan Bujha Lo Jee, Jinde Kunde Laa Lyo Jee,
What I say Just follow Jee,
This Party Gettin Hot…
Battiyan Bujha Lo Hoye,
Jinde Kunde Laa Lyo Hoye,
What I say Just follow Hoye,
This Party Gettin Hot…

Urey Aa Billo Ik Gal Sunn,
Nikki Jehi Jind Teri Khatt Lai Punn,
Saade Naal Vi La La Ik Step,
Ithe Main Ajj Ho Jana Tunn,
Daaru Mainu Jdo Chadh Jandi Aa,
Nabz Meri Khadh Jandi Aa,
Grari Utto Add Jandi Aa,
Putha Kaara Kar Jandi Aa,
Dilli Waali Saheli Kehndi Si Ki Thori-Thori Piya Kro,
Jab Itni Pee Lete Ho Toh Aishe Toh Mat Kiya Kro,
Inna Raula Rappa Kyu Paate Ho,
Gande Gaane Kyu Gaate Ho…

Nachde Ne Munde Kudiya Yo Yo Di Beat Te,
Laayi Rakhde Ne Gaane Mud-Mud Repeat Te,
Thumke Lava Lo Jee,
Munni Nu Bula Lo Jee,
Adde Paise Paalo Jee,
This Party Gettin Hot,
Battiyan bujha lo. hoy
Jinde kunde la lo. hoy
What I say just follow
This party gettin’ hot

Urey aa billo, ik gal sun
Nikki jehi jind teri ghat lai punn
Saade naal vi ik la la step
Nahi ta main ajj ho jana tunn
Daru mainu jado chadh jandi ae
Nabz meri khad jandi ae
Garari utton ad jandi ae
Koi putha kaara kar jandi ae
Dilli waali saheli kehndi si ki
Thodi thodi piya karo
Jab itni pee lete ho toh aise toh mat kiya karo
Inna raula rappa kyu paate ho
Gande gaane kyu gaate ho
Koi YO YO ko samjha lo nahi toh
Gharaan nu kunde la lo

Karta shaidai tere rang gulabi ne
Naina cho peeni tere sire de sharabi ne
Oh balle balle pa lo jee
Dhol ta mangalo jee, Jazzy nu bulalo jee
This party getting hot
Battiyan bujalo, jinde kunde la lo
What I says follow
This party getting hot

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This Party Getting Hot Lyrics FAQs

Who are the featured artists on “This Party Getting Hot”?

The featured artists on the track are Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Who composed the music for the song?

The music for “This Party Getting Hot” was composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Who wrote the lyrics for the song?

The lyrics for the song were written by Alfaz.