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Shoe Drill THWF Lyrics | Prince Narula | MC Square

Shoe Drill THWF Lyrics

“Shoe Drill THWF” is a Punjabi song featuring the vocals of Prince Narula and the rap stylings of MC Square. The dynamic combination of MC Square and Avvy Ballagan showcases their prowess as both lyricists and composers. The Lil takes charge of the music production, contributing to the energetic and vibrant sound of the track. “Shoe Drill THWF” stands as a testament to the fusion of talents within the Punjabi music scene, bringing together unique voices and creative minds to create a captivating musical experience.

Song Credits:

TitleShoe Drill THWF
SingerPrince Narula
RapMC Square
Lyrics & ComposerMC Square & Avvy Ballagan
MusicThe Lil
GenrePunjabi Rap

Shoe Drill THWF Lyrics

Unj Taan Munda A Baahla E Busy
Tere Li Kaddun Ga Time
Sau Ja, Beeba Aa Jatt Gorriye
Pyar Che Karru Na Scam
Jadon Da Dekheya Tu Hi Tu
Dyaan Hor Kitte Naa Gya
Shoe Ton Mehngi Aa Ghadi, Ghadi
Ghadi Ton Mehngi Aa Chain
Chain Ton Mehnga Aa Dil Jatt Da
Tere Utte Aageya

Aandi Jaandi Takk Ke Jaandi, Kinni Ku Munde Di Taur
Kinniyaan Sohniyaan Kudiyaan Picche Ne, Karrin Tu Zra Ni Gaur
Tere Te Marrda Marrda Marrda
Tere Li Ladd Da Ladd Da Ladd Da
Jadon Main Challda Tere Na Billo
Zamana Sadd da sadd da sadd da
Jadon Bulaawein Time Te Aawe
2-2 Gutt Ch Ghadiyaan paawe
Naa Pucchein Gi Gabroo Da
Je Sheher Che Geda Laa Geya
Shoe Ton Mehngi Aa Ghadi
Ghadi Ton Mehngi Aa Chain
Chain Ton Mehnga Aa Dil Jatt Da
Tere Utte Aageya

Ji Suno Haseen, Main Thoda Kameena
Mehngiyaan Carran, Te Karran Worry Na
Main Tere Li Shadaayi, Tu Butterfly
Hor Koi nasha Taan Main Karda Ni
Vekh Teri Akhaan Vich Rehna Kude High
Kaale Ne Shade Kaali Aa Car
Rakhe Aa Yaar, Bas 3-4
Saadeyaan Karmaan Che Kithe Aa Pyar
Dujje Din Rehnde Faraar
Avvy Avvy Kardiyaan Kudiyaan Munda
Dillan De Utte Chaa Geya
Shoe Ton Mehngi Aa Ghadi, Ghadi
Ghadi Ton Mehngi Aa Chain
Chain Ton Mehnga Aa Dil Jatt Da
Tere Utte Aageya

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Shoe Drill THWF Lyrics FAQs

Who is the singer of “Shoe Drill THWF”?

“Shoe Drill THWF” is sung by the talented Prince Narula.

Who is the rapper in the song?

MC Square contributes the rap elements to “Shoe Drill THWF.”

Who wrote the lyrics and composed the song?

The lyrics and composition of “Shoe Drill THWF” are a collaborative effort by MC Square and Avvy Ballagan.