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Recycled Lyrics | Uday | Hustle 3

Recycled Lyrics

The dynamic track titled “Recycled” is a riveting performance by the talented artist Uday in the reality show “Hustle 3.0.” Uday not only delivers a compelling vocal performance but also contributes to the song’s creation as the writer. The music, produced by the skilled team of Karan Kanchan, VNI, and HMLYA, adds layers of creativity to the composition. The energy and innovation showcased in “Recycled” make it a standout piece in the diverse landscape of the reality show. The track is proudly presented under the label Kaanphod Music.


Track NameRecycled
Written & Performed ByUday
Music ProducersKaran Kanchan, VNI, HMLYA
Reality ShowHustle 3.0
LabelKaanphod Music

Recycled Lyrics

Abhi Itni Bullets Karegi Bank Rob
Dete Counters Hum Itne Ki Cash On
Aur Ye Battle Toh Hone Wali Thi
Iss Season Ke Start Mein Hi
But He Backed Off
All Of Us Know That
Killed Him And Worried (Himawari)
Ye Myth Si Gardan Pe Bow Tag
Jin Kazama With Combos
Karun Nose Bleed Make Em Bo Chan

Theory Jab Scales Ki Dekhun With Meters
Ton Padi Hai Bohot Kaydence
Pitches Jab Chhodun Main Khaali Karke
Upar I Am Not Talking Bout Octave Lens
24 Ka Immature Baitha Insecure
Derha Day One Se Shots Ye
I Just Block These Rappers Probably
Uska Ye Last Text Tabse Tu Block Pe

Lyrics Mein Inke Chhithde Nikle Bikhre
Oh Ye Toh Bohot Tough
Represent Delhi Karun Toh Fir Battles Ki
Bodies Ko Rakhta Main Boxed Up
Yahaan Energy Nahi Kisi Ki
Bas Voltage Badhe Velocity Bhi
Toh Jab Bhi Yahaan Karun Current
Pass Main This Shit Ain’t No Ac/Dc

Punches Pe Punches Pe Punches Like
Fights Happening In Corridors
Aur Daaluga Iss Mein Bhi No Hooks
Kyunki Bag Tags Dene Body Ko
Socha Tha Skills Karuga Main Showcase
Jahaan Par Saari Hi Ball Pinned
Par Battles Mein Aata Nahi Karna Kuchh
Aur Toh Jaate Hai Hum Seedha All In So

My Gaush
Oh My Gaush
Summing Equations Toh Ho Paaye Solve
Aisa Socha Hi Kon
Inki Beef Na Fruits Toh Ho Na Hi Squash
Iske Lyrics Bhi Overused Freeverses
Vo Bhi Ho Bygones
Iski P&L Statement Ke Shares Bhi
Dump It Down Toh Bole Vo Oh My Loss

Iss Ki Alag Vision
Mujhe Squash Se Yaad Aate Alag Syrup
Apne Saare Gaane Kare Reuse Like The Jam
Bottles In His Mother’s Kitchen
3 Saal Pehle Wale Gaane Kiye
Nothing New Karun Diss And Point It
Uss Mein Bhi 5 Bar Saans Phooli
As A Listener I Am Just Disappointed

Colour Changing Immatures Bas
Hote Offend And Rakhte Ye Arrogance
Bane Ye Salty Jab Meri Metal Se Kare React Ye Halogens
Voice Cracked Jaise Helium Ho In Favour
Padi Ek Aur Mac-Nesium On The Table
I Made Him Weak And Left Him To Clean
Tab Hi Explaining His Periodic Table
Ye Barriers Break It And You Face It
Banake Toothless Bracing Them With Braces
Gaush Level Kabhi Aa Nahi Sakta Main
Cuz I Don’t Know How To Fake It Till You Make It

Sab Land Kare Punches With Impact
Jis Battle Mein Aata Hoon Winning That
Jab Main Iske Peechhe Jaa Ke Idhar
Thookta The Only Time That I Spit It Back
Rakha Sab Inter-Face Lekin Ab Bhara Toh Reckless Aaj
Trs Cables Bhi Crashed Out Kari Itna Kara Main Excel Art
Shock Value Itni Mount Kari Mera Mic Bhi Kara Tha Aur Lift Up
Videos Mein Daale Mask Ye Kara Iska Pop Filter

Kare Sabki Copy
Blood Bhi Short-List
Kyunki Meri Gun Bhi Glock-Ing
Jab Bhi Battling Mein Yahaan Bante Coffins
Jumping Jo Bhi Kare Bolun Bungee Hop-Sin
Aur Kab Ki Progress
Cheese Cakes Lage Crusty
Oh The Only Time He Is Paid By Br Is
When He Is Working In Busk-Inn Rob-Inn
Chalre Idhar Sab Baithe Le Ghar Pe
Marre Jo Bhi Ab Humse Hai Ladre
Vulne-Rable Na Baithe Ye Ladke
Inke Toh Entendre Bhi One Way What

Ye Toh Doubt Hi Doubt
Rounds Bhi Mere Na Rounding
Agar Ye Lyrical Rap Main K Dot I Will Love It
Damn If You Count Me Out What
Round 3 Abhi Ye Lage Ki Chaalun Par Tdm Glitched
Main Mean Itna Mode-Ke Middle Ke Median Hit
Ye Abhi Bhi Kare Bas Chops Na Punch Aur Bole Ki Bleeding Ye Ink
Ab Iska Blood Pressure Metered Kara Iska Bhi Bpm Switch
Ab 22 Strokes
Pade Kardi Phir Eyes Close
Inko Phir Mi-Grain Not Talking About Some Rice-Bowl
Jab Battle Mein Battle Vo Cutt-Throat Opponents
Ki Wrists Ppt Karni Padti Hai Slide-Show

Iss Se Mimic Karne Ko Karun Main Recycle
Apne Base Par Rakhun Ek Hypotenuse Fauran
Iss Ka Aisa Love Triangle Hai With His Lyricism
That His Word Plays Would Be A Pythagoras Theorem
Aur Koi Hate Nahi Bas Laaya Ye Approach
For The Sake Of Battle Iss Liye Yahaan Aaya Bhi Tha Bro
Finally Mera Bhi Full Circle Moment And To
All My Opponents Made Them Die A Meter More

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Recycled Lyrics FAQs

Who is the artist behind the track “Recycled”?

The track is written and performed by the talented artist Uday.

What is the role of Karan Kanchan, VNI, and HMLYA in the production of “Recycled”?

Karan Kanchan, VNI, and HMLYA serve as the music producers, contributing to the creative and musical aspects of the track.

In which reality show was “Recycled” performed?

“Recycled” is a performance featured in the reality show “Hustle 3.0.”

उदय पांधी बने हसल 3.0 के विजेता, फाइनल मे Bassick को पीछे छोड़ा