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Levels Lyrics | Sidhu Moose Wala

Levels Lyrics

“Levels” is an exceptional musical creation featuring the dynamic duo of Sidhu Moose Wala and Sunny Malton. The song not only showcases their prowess as singers but also highlights their lyrical finesse, with both artists contributing to the compelling lyrics. The music, a vital element of this masterpiece, is crafted by the talented composer, The Kidd.

Released under the label of Sidhu Moose Wala, “Levels” takes the audience on a musical journey characterized by its unique blend of captivating vocals, poignant lyrics, and innovative musical arrangements. Sidhu Moose Wala, known for his impactful presence in the Punjabi music scene, continues to deliver chart-topping hits, and “Levels” is no exception.

Song NameLevels
Singer/LyricsSidhu Moose Wala, Sunny Malton
MusicThe Kidd
LabelSidhu Moose Wala

Levels Lyrics

Ho Broke As F*ck Ne Haan Diye
Lifetime Di Pension Mangde Ne
Maahdi Janani Wangu Ni
Saale Methon Attention Mangde Ne
Bina Gallon Vich Auna Chaunde
Sadde Rival De Ni Haan Diye

Tu Jinna Naal Compare Kare
Sadde Level De Ni Haan Diye
Jinna Naal Compare Kare
Sadde Level De Ni Haan Diye
Aithe Kehda Kinne Jogga Ae
Sab Jaat Jaanda Chhakkeyan Di
Unjh Majhe De Jatt Ban’de Aa
Kujh Copy Ban’de Yakkeyan Di

Ho Bhull Jaande Par
Kujh Nai Muhre
Devil De Ni Haan Diye
Tu Jinna Naal Compare Kare
Sadde Level De Ni Haan Diye
Jinna Naal Compare Kare
Sadde Level De Ni Haan Diye

It’s Like Who Else You Really Know
That Resettin’ The Ball
They Just Dropped A Couple Songs
But They Think They’re A Star
We Don’t Run From Competition
We Don’t Run From The Law
If You’re Tryin’ To Level Up
I’m The One That You Call

I Just Do This For The Love
I Don’t Do This For The Bag
They Said Meet Me At The Top
I Looked Around Like Where Y’all At
Pardon If I Left
Fu*k You If You Mad
I Could Lose Everything
Is Still Double What You Had

Ho Pith Utte Taan Bahut Bolde
Munh Te Kehno Sangde Ne
Main Roti Paya Jinna Nu
Ajj Verse De Paise Mangde Ne
Ho Saanu Maahda Changa Bolke
Beef Chala Le Kaiyan Ne
Jardiyan Vaddiyan Laake Photo’van
Geet Chala Le Kaiyan Ne

Leeliyan Feeliyan Chintu Candy
Pair Pair Te Vikkde Ne
Nit Nava Koyi Khasam Ne Karde
Ik Te Kithe Tikkde Ne
Ho Sadde Baare Shit Talk’an
Te Sadde Kol Hi Sikhde Ne
Ajj Vi Je Koyi Piyo Puchhda
Taan Naam Sidhu Da Likhde Ne

Ho Paid Collab’an Karke
Chobbar Karda Nahio Chaud Kude
Solo Dolo Move Kare
Te Bande Dekhan Kaun Kude
No Name Te Brand Value
Dassan Di Koyi Load Nahi
Athne EP Chhaddi Si
Te Tadke Si Billboard Kude

Tadke Si Billboard Kude
Tadke Si Billboard Kude
Ho Nahi Jinna Nu Meri Hustle Pata
Ohna Baad Udke Aaya Haan
Eh Jaake Canada Shukar De
Main Othon Hi Mud’ke Aaya Haan

Ho Ajj Vi Topic Talk Da Sidhu
Vich Mehfil De Ni Haan Diye
Tu Jinna Naal Compare Kare
Sadde Level De Ni Haan Diye
Jinna Naal Compare Kare
Sadde Level De Ni Haan Diye

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Levels Lyrics FAQs

Who are the singers and lyricists of “Levels”?

“Levels” is sung and written by Sidhu Moose Wala and Sunny Malton.

Who composed the music for “Levels”?

The music for “Levels” is composed by The Kidd.