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Illuminati Lyrics | Translation | Aavesham

Illuminati Lyrics

“Illuminati” is a captivating song featured in the movie “Aavesham”. Composed and produced by the talented Sushin Shyam, this track showcases a unique blend of music styles. The vocals are rendered by Dabzee, adding depth and emotion to the composition. The thought-provoking lyrics, penned by Vinayak Sasikumar, delve into intriguing themes, complementing the mood of the movie. Released under the label Think Music India, “Illuminati” has garnered attention for its innovative sound and captivating storytelling.


Music ComposerSushin Shyam
Lyrics WriterVinayak Sasikumar
LabelThink Music India

Illuminati Lyrics

Naadin Nanmakane
Ponmakane Muthaayavane
Minnum Sooriyanum
Chanthiranum Onnaayavane
Kaalam Kaathuvecha
Rakshakane Samhaarakane
Njangalkkannanaayi Vannavane

Bhayame Maarippo Nee
Annan Vannal Kumbitt Nillu
Iruttil City Vaazhum Rajavukku
Ellarum Sollu
Ivane Thozhuvaanayi
Ennum Janatthirakku
Kaalonneduth Vechal
Swargam Polum Under-World
Illuminati Illuminati
Annan Thani Naadan
Illuminati Illuminati
Annan Thani Naadan

Penaakkathi Kondu
Vidhyaarambham Kutth Harisree
Thokkin Kaanchi Vali
Sheelam Pande Maaraatha Vyaadhi
Nenjil Pootti Vechorankakkali
Theeraatha Vaashi
Annan Meeshavechoraattappuli

Idayan Vannorukkum Ninnorukkum Pandeyapathu
Kattachora Kond Juice Adich Soda Sarbathu
Njodiyil Madhayanem Merukkidum Karuthu
Ivane Padachuvitta Kadavulukku Pathil Patthu
Illuminati Illuminati
Annan Thani Naadan
Illuminati Illuminati
Annan Thani Naadan

Ulakithil Aarodum Tholkka Veeran
Karalithil Ammaykkayi Thengum Paithal
Madiyil Paaloottum Sneham Neeye
Maranjo Thaarattathenne
Karayaan Kanneerila
Kanneeroppaan Aarum Porandaa
Eriyum Moonnaam Kannil
Kopam Kollum Samhaara Moorthi
Maranam Padivaathil Kadannidaan Madikkum
Bombay Nagaramivan
Varunna Dinam Swapnam Kaanum

Illuminati Illuminati
Annan Thani Naadan
Illuminati Illuminati
Annan Thani Naadan

Illuminati Lyrics Translation

You are the joy of the land,
You are the golden pearl,
You are the shining sun,
You are the moonlight.

When time starts to fade,
You are the protector, the savior,
You came as our own.

Even if fear arises,
Stand firm when the elder brother arrives,
To the king who lives in the darkness, in the city,
Everyone says,

That he’s a companion,
Even to the end of the world.

If you bring death,
Heaven turns into the underworld,
Illuminati Illuminati,
The elder one is unique,
He is the master of Illuminati.

Bringing with the feather,
Start of knowledge with Harisree (sacred sound),
Breaking the Kaanchi (traditional vessel),
Character that won’t be broken by illness,
Planting lies in the heart,
A bullet that won’t miss,
The elder’s mustache is like a tiger’s tail.

To the clan of the hunters and the hunted, it’s all the same,
Drinking juice with a thorn, soda, and sherbet,
In the backyard, madness merges with fate,
When he steps in, even God gets scared.

A warrior whom everyone in the world fears,
A boy who everyone loves like a virgin girl,
The love that spreads in the middle of the field is you,
Why do you tremble at death’s door,
With the tear-filled eyes,
Will tears be born from anyone else?

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Illuminati Lyrics FAQs

Which movie features the song “Illuminati”?

The song “Illuminati” is featured in the movie “Aavesham”.

Who composed and produced the music for “Illuminati”?

The music for “Illuminati” is composed and produced by Sushin Shyam.

Who is the singer of this song?

The vocals for “Illuminati” are rendered by Dabzee.